U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Populations

Assignment Content

  1. Week Three Assignment:

    This assignment is to continue building content for the final presentation and should be based upon the city and healthcare system you have selected in prior weeks. (Waldorf, MD)and(MedStar Healthcare)

    This assignment should be submitted as a paper that includes:

    ·        A well-written introduction and conclusion
    ·        Headings to organize your thoughts and provide structure for your paper
    ·        References (see requirements below)
    ·        APA formatting of references, citations, headings, and a cover page

    Provide a brief summary with background including:

    the city you have selected (Waldorf, MD)

    • the healthcare system(MedStar Healthcare)
    • the service you are proposing
    • other details that you think are pertinent to the workflows you are going to recommend
    • This information should come from your previous assignments and incorporate any changes based on feedback received so that you are building towards your final presentation. You may find it useful to include your floor plan to support your workflow processes.

      Describe the three processes from the list that are relevant to the facility you are proposing for your new or improved health care service:


    • Patient check-in and check-out
    • Billing
  • Create 3 workflow diagrams that explain the workflow of each process that will occur in your facility. Include workflow between external systems and facilities. Be sure your diagrams are labeled appropriately. These diagrams may be attachments to your paper and do not need to be embedded in the paper itself.

    Include in your paper discussion of a change management theory that you will use to approach implementation of these processes. (Refer to the discussion board to see resources about change management theory and examples).

    Cite 3 reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).

    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.



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