Theory/Concept Analysis


As cultural productions that “mimic” life, films are a unique way to “view” society.  In this learning activity, you will present a racial/ethnic theory/concept and use a film as an example of that theory/concept.

Learning Outcomes

· Explain a theory/concept(s) related to race/ethnicity

· Apply examples from a film, which is a cultural production, to exemplify the theory/concept(s)

· Utilize scholarly sources to articulate and support your ideas

· Hone written communication skills


Select a film that relates to theories/concepts we have been focusing upon in this course.  Any film can be rendered applicable, so the choice of film is completely up to you.

In a 4-6+ page paper present a theory/concept(s) related to race/ethnicity that we have studied and apply that theory/concept(s) to examples from the film you chose to exemplify the theory/concept(s).  Be sure to include scholarly sources to provide context and to support your assertions.

Include citations for all direct quotes and references to texts and all other sources used.  MLA, APA, ASA, or any other format you are familiar with is sufficient.

Scholarly Sources: All scholars refer to one another’s writings to support our own ideas.  Scholarly sources include books, journal articles (use the library to find lots of great journal articles; JSTOR is very useful), and government documents (Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc).  Newspaper articles, Wikipedia, websites, online blogs, etc. are not scholarly sources (they can be used for additional information or context).

Enjoy writing this paper!  Part of the fun of academics is having the freedom to apply the ideas of scholars across contexts in new and interesting ways.




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