Theory And Police

Assignment Details

The Week 3 Discussion Board Assignment is related to your Capstone project, and it has three parts to it.

Part 1

Find two articles that you might possibly use in your Capstone project – and then post them in APA format for your classmates to see. Your articles should be scholarly, professional, governmental and/or academic in content. Click here to understand what those differences are. You are not obligated to use the 2 references in your final Capstone project because this is just your exploration of your topic. You are still evaluating things.

Part 2

Explain what makes your 2 articles scholarly, professional, governmental or otherwise reliable. Click here to see sample distinctions.

Part 3

In one or two sentences, tell your classmates what your Capstone topic or problem is. After that, explain exactly how your 2 articles might help you to write your final Capstone project. Again, you do not have to use these references in your final Capstone project because you might change your mind during your exploratory research.




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