The use of data to improve health outcomes

The topic in brief The use of data to improve health outcomes
Describe Your task
Type of Service Research Paper
No. of Pages/Word count 5 page(s)/1375 Words
Academic Level Masters
Citation Style APA Style
Detailed Description/Explanation Assignments Current Topics in Nursing Informatics Paper (100 points)Each student in this course possesses a unique background and skill set. Drawing from your own career and experiences, identify a current information technology related problem or opportunity for improvement.
•Explain the scope of the problem using both anecdotal and evidentiary information to “build your case”
•Once you have identified and explained the problem, propose a solution or series of steps to be taken in order to improve the situation
•Your recommendations for improvement may include design and utilization of new technology or perhaps upgrades to that which already exists
•Be creative in your approach
•Explain how the changes will benefit nursing and improve patient outcomes
•Topics for discussion may include (but are not limited to): The use of data to improve health outcomes

Please follow APA 7th Edition, no running Heads, references are double spaced, provide intext citations where needed. (reference article) Need links to Articles, references are within 3 years

Approach this assignment as though you are the advanced practice informatics nurse responsible for convincing others that a change is needed and then moving forward with planning, implementation, and evaluation of the project

Identification and explanation of problem 30 points
Description of proposed interventions/solutions/remaining challenges, and implications for nursing. 60 points
Professional writing, proper grammar APA formatting references. 10



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