The Story of Building and Shelters

Subject The Story of Building and Shelters
Paper Type Custom Essay
Required Slides
PageCount/Wordcount — 2 page(s)/550 Words
Academic level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style MLA Style
Details —For this assignment you are required to do the following:
1. Read this document and write a 500-word review paper where you highlight the main ideas mentioned in the excerpt part.
2. Highlight a part you found interesting and further discuss it.
3. Add your personal point of view on what you have read and reviewed. This may include your reflection on the ideas introduced in this excerpt. This would be in the form of quoting a part that catches your attention the excerpt and further reflecting on it.
4. Make sure to add in-text citations to your work, highlighting the parts of the reading that you are referring to.
Dillon, Patrick, The Story of Building from the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera and Beyond, Candlewick Press, USA, 2014.




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