Survey Creation

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. With your team, create three tools: a survey, a set of interview questions, and a set of focus group questions.  Questions can be similar or even the same across all three tools. You must use at least two of the tools in your audit.
  3. Develop two versions of each tool:
    1. a “clean copy” version that you can use with your business/organization.
    2. an annotated version that explains the rationale for the questions. (This means you provide a reason for why you are including that question. The reason should be based on the communication principles you are learning in this course. Provide citations and references appropriately.)
  4. By the end of the workshop, finalize the three research tools. They must be posted as attachments in the discussion and accessible by the whole team. Each team member must acknowledge the consensus on the three tools within the discussion board. If any team member does not participate, the other team members can proceed with what was collaboratively created.
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