Strategic Assessment and Planning in Saudi Arabia

Topic: Strategic Assessment and Planning in Saudi Arabia
Subject Area Coursework
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Required Wordcount 1 page(s)/275 Words
Academic Level Masters
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Details: In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to use a project planning tool to show who will be in charge of project components, so that a daycare facility will be developed on time to meet the needs of the healthcare workers at a facility.

Review the Decisions, Decisions case on page 326 of your textbook. “Assume the HCO Decides to Develop a New Day-Care Center.” (Pozgar, 2016, p. 55). Create a Gantt chart (as in Exhibit 3.3) for that project.

Your Gantt chart should have at least ten items in place, working to achieve the goal of instituting a daycare facility over a nine-month period.



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