Steward Leadership

Assignment 2: Stewardship Construct Paper 

Review the model of stewardship presented by Wilson (2016). Explain the Wilson model and critique it to justify your choice. Then analyse the potential benefits and challenges that might occur upon employing Wilson to your organisational setting. Your paper should include a discussion of key elements of the model of stewardship chosen in addition to analysing the potential benefits and challenges posed by employing the model in your organisational setting. If you do not currently work in an organisational setting, choose an organisational setting with which you are familiar for your analysis. Your paper should include scholarly support from the literature (minimum of 8 scholarly references) and be written in the correct APA 6 format. The paper should be 1500 words exclusive of the title and references page(s).

What to write:
1. Introduction: Define and describe Wilson steward leadership i.e. slide 6 of power-point
2. Once you have explain Wilson’s steward leadership, you can then apply it into Wilson’s model i.e. the 3 lens:
3. Fit into the model, I need to know how you apply the point no. 1 into the following models:
    A) Lens of ownership – examples and research support (referencing and in-citation)
    B) Lens of motivation – examples and research support (referencing and in-citation)
    C) Lens of accountability – examples and research support ( referencing and in citation)
4. Conclusion – answer the question, summary of what you discovered
5. Referencing and in-citation


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