Sports Marketing

The members of Groups were pre-determined at the start of the class. (Kristopher, Kali, Scott, Nathan, and Samir). Within your team, your professor has selected Kristopher as team leader.


Next, structure your team and come to a consensus as to whom will handle a certain facet of the Project.


Each group will be writing and rewriting its group project paper several times on the Team WIKI until it is truly a literary master piece. Please note that there is one grade for the Team Project paper. More importantly, the grade posted for each member of the respective group is based upon the Team grade and the individual student’s participation on the WIKI. Too often in Group projects, you have only a few who do most of the Work. The Professor is able to evaluate how much work (percentage) each member of the group puts into the Project via a WIKI participation report. As the Professor is able to view who was actually making an effort to edit and/or add to the Wiki; the Professor will Grade the individual member accordingly. In addition, each Group Team Captain will submit an Evaluation Report to the Professor detailing the efforts or lack thereof for each member.

For example, a Team Group Project paper may earn a grade of 85. A team member who well participated in the project may receive a grade of 95. A team member who had average participation in the project may receive a grade of 85. However, if a team member participated very little in the project which is verified by the Team Captain, then that student may receive a grade of 50.


Compose a Sport Marketing Plan for the Sport Organization known as the Wilson Golf Company that is over 5,500 words ; double spaced or approximately 15 pages subject to the above stated Rubric (Grading Guidelines). The only word limit is your imagination.



The Sport Marketing Plan should be formatted and include (but not be limited to) the below stated parts (1 to 7) and sub-parts. Appertaining to the parts and subparts of the sport marketing plan, it is required that you reference and cite the relevant section(s) from the professional eBooks beforementioned.

1. Executive Summary – a condensed overview of the marketing plan

2. Introduction – description of the business; product/service analysis

3. Business Objectives – of the organization and the specific Marketing Objectives. Explain. e.g. Explain how proposed event/activities contributes to these objectives.

4. A Situational Analysis (economic climate, financially status of the organization, demand

trends, political environment, competitors, etc.). Discuss the SWOT (Strengths,

Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).


5. A Summary of Consumer Information – discuss information that you have obtained on the organization’s consumers (due to primary or secondary research). Also, discuss the

means of obtaining consumer information via a marketing information system.


6. Marketing Strategies –

a. Describe your strategy for Market Segmentation

i. What will serve as a basis for segmentation, and why?

ii. Provide an analysis and rationale for selecting the target markets

b. Discuss the products (what is the core product, what are the product


c. Explain and describe the Pricing Strategies

d. Detail the Place an event is held and the means of its Distribution

e. Compose a comprehensive Promotional Plan. Discuss the means by which you will

promote this event/activity. Include the elements such as advertising, personal

selling, promotional licensing, public relations activities, etc.)

f. Develop a plan to secure Corporate Sponsorships


7. Outline the methods to evaluate your plan after it has been implemented



The Final Group Project assignment constitutes 20 % of your grade. As you may surmise from the above state example, a grade of 50 would have a significant impact on one’s overall grade.


The Project is a research paper; therefore, all work you submit for this class should be written in clear prose, meaning that your comments should be comprised in complete, lucid sentences using proper syntax, spelling, and grammar. If you do not take your work seriously, then neither will others. All facts, numbers, statistics, etc. must be cited, as well as any idea that did not originate with you. Using the work of other writers without proper attribution is considered plagiarism, and will result in disciplinary action.

Your paper should be over 5,500 words; double spaced or approximately 15 pages

Each student should read each of the posted peer reviewed journal articles (see referenced URLs) and the applicable section(s) of the referenced professional eBooks from the library. The Team is required to reference and cite from each of the posted peer reviewed journal articles (see referenced URLs) and the applicable section(s) of the referenced professional eBooks from the library.

Moreover, you are required to quote/cite at least three (5) APA cited Bible Scripture verses = complete verses with application.

All work should be in the APA format. Your submission should follow the below stated composition and formatting guidelines; and be composed unto a “Word Document.”

· Separate Title page with a “Running head:” page number (top right), your name, course, date, and an appropriate title.

· Use double space, Times New Roman, and 12pt font.

· Separate reference page.

· The APA additions are NOT a part of the word count.

Please note the following Grading Guidelines for the Project:

· The Project is somewhat subjective; therefore, grade reduction usually results from lacking one or more of the following:

· Did not include a separate Title Page = minus 3 points

· Did not include a separate Reference Page = minus 3 points

· Did not include the requisite number of peer reviewed journal article references/citations = minus 3 points each

· Did not include the requisite number of quoted and APA cited Bible Scripture (complete verse) = minus 10 points each

If your Project is marked down, then assess your paper with the above stated rubric to ascertain the reason.

Appertaining to Sport Marketing and Promotion; respond to the following DELIVERABLES based upon reading the respective peer reviewed journal article (see reference URL) and the applicable section(s) of the referenced professional eBooks from the library as well as other sources.


Permission for use of the following scholarly journal articles and other materials are provided within the access rights to Regent University’s library’s databases.







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