Social Process Theories

Assignment Details:

You have been promoted to the Community Policing Liaison Officer.  It is your job is to collaborate with the community (i.e., business leaders, citizens, and other community organization leaders); to help identify safety issues that arise in the community.  The chief of police would like you to create an informative pamphlet that will educate the public regarding the theory that best explains why people commit crimes.

First, select one of the theories listed below, that you believe best explains why people commit crimes;

·  Rational Choice Theory

·  Trait Theory

·  Life Course Theory

·  Propensity Theory

·  Trajectory Theory

These theories are located in Chapter 4

The chief of police wants you to include these elements in your pamphlet:

Create your informational tri-fold brochure, which must contain these elements:

·  On the first page include: the name of the theory, your name, course number, and the date

·  In your brochure, describe the theory that you chose from the list above

·  Explain why this theory explains criminal offending

·  Expound on what causes people to commit crimes based on this theory

·  Determine ways people can avoid committing crimes based on this theory

·  Include at least two pictures

The total word count for the entire pamphlet should be a minimum of 500-words.  If you use quotes in your pamphlet; the quotes must be cited properly in APA.  The last page of your pamphlet should contain your references (this is not counted toward the total word count). Be creative add color and pictures that help support your topic (the theory you selected).

When you have finished your brochure you need to download it as a PDF and submit it to the Week 5 assignment dropbox.



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