Situating Research


In Situating Research, the authors talk about ways in which writers analyze, synthesize, and interpret different types of texts.

In this short writing assignment, discuss one or two types of non-academic, non-scholarly texts you might examine in your food-topic research. Describe the texts and explain how they will contribute to the research on your topic.

For example, if your topic is eating disorders, you might examine so-called Pro-Ana (pro-anorexia) message boards (trigger warning!), where young people suffering from disordered/restrictive eating patterns give each other tips and tricks for staying thin. While this is not a scholarly text, it can provide an incredibly rich source of material to analyze and discuss.


  • Probe more deeply into non-academic sources of information
  • Consider creative approaches to text-based research


  • 400–500 words
  • Compose a thoughtful arrangement of sentences and paragraphs to discuss your topic


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