Relationship Satisfaction Evaluation At Workplace

1) Result: This will be a summary of the means and standard deviations (or alternatively, frequency counts) on individual items or scales, as well as an interpretation of what these results actually mean to the organization. Interpret these results in light of the questions being asked.

2) Recommendations: Based on your results, what recommendations would you make to the
organization to improve its communication processes in your area? You must justify and support ALL
recommendations on the basis of your data and/or applicable theory. Do not just dump citations at the end of each paragraph

3) Concluding Thoughts. Following your recommendation section discuss whether you feel that
you have a good handle on this issue. Did you ask the right questions? Were additional
scales/items needed? Should a different methodology have been used? Why? Consider this
section to focus on what did you learn about conducting this research, and if you were to
focus on the same topic again at a similar organization what would you do differently and why




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