Reading Exercise – Juliet Mitchell

Assignment C – Reading Exercise – Juliet Mitchell


This reading is from Mitchell, J. 1999. Women’s Estate, Penguin Books – it was originally published in 1971.

You need to read Mitchell then answer these questions – HINT – you will find the answers more easily if you have read the questions first. Try to read actively, ask yourself questions as you go along, skim reading will result in partial answers and little retained memory.

As this is a Word document you can type your responses into it directly, then email to your TA.


1. Where had Women’s Liberation Movements not developed at the time of publication? What regions?

2. How did the National Co-ordinating Committee (NCC) in England counter the tendency of the media to point out differences and disagreements within the WLM?

3. Where were the actions of WLM groups militant, anti-capitalist and anti-family structure?

4. How did the WLM in the USA differ from other WLMs?

5. What is Mitchell’s critique of the two main WLM groups in Holland?

6. How does Mitchell finally justify why WLM groups are women-only?

7. Why did conservatives in Sweden support wages for housework?

8. What were two principles of WLM organising – ie how dd they run their groups?

9. What were the 4 concepts of Women’s Liberation?

10. How does Kate Millett use the term ‘patriarchy’



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