Read And Respond

Read Ch.4 and respond to the following questions. Add research sources by hyperlinking the cells where you write your response

Consider the country-city where you want to expand your business:

1. Consider the country where you want to expand your business: What folkways & mores do we need to consider and why?

2. Consider the country where you want to expand your business: Is an individualistic or collective society? How does it affect our strategy?

3. Consider the cultural differences and note a new insights (Please take a look at my group discussion first)

(Compare key cultural differences and list two potential challenges)

(group discussion) According to Hofstede Insights, one of the strongest cultural differences between Australia and the Philippines is the power distance. Australia has an estimated 36 rating, this means the country avoids inequalities in their society. Noticeable inequalities are, but not limited to: the rich and poor, the educated and uneducated, and racial backgrounds. In Australia, work is not difficult to find; however, the leading inequality the country has is housing for the citizens. Rising house prices, from rent to mortgage has increased the power distance for the rich and poor. On the other hand, the Philippines’ power distance is three times as much as Australia, coming in at 94 rating. The book mentions high power distance countries allow the unequal characteristics between individuals to grow into being competitive for power and wealth. In the Philippino culture society respects authority more; for example, a person with a degree is more inclined to emphasize his or her educational status when being addressed in person. Another cultural difference between the countries is collectivism versus individualism. Collectivism is considered the norm in the Philippines, compared to Australia which is more individualism. This may cause conflict within our company based on who may be the spokesperson for our company and how to incorporate the Australian cultural way of individualism in the workforce. Although Jollibee is successful in the United States, expanding the chain to Australia may cause a social clash when introducing a new cuisine and jumping into their market.



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