Your paper will include the following:

· A statement of the research question

· A description of the source of the data

· A description of the variables used in the analysis

· Scatterplots with clear labels that facilitate easy visual comparison

Explanations that reflect the use of Unit 3 concepts (form, direction, strength, explanatory and response variables, regression equation, prediction, r and r2)

· An answer to the question based on your analysis of the data

Introduction: In a course called Introduction to Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, a professor wants to gain insight into his students’ performance on the final exam by analyzing exam grades from earlier in the semester. The data set describes 105 students. The data is in gradebook.xls. Support your answers using concepts from Unit 3. Follow the instructions for creating a poster.

Research questions (answer both):

· In general, which is the best predictor of a student’s score on the final exam, the score on the first midterm or the second midterm? Use Unit 3 concepts to support your answer.

· What is the predicted score on the final exam for a student who scores a 77 on the first midterm and an 88 on the second midterm?

Grades in gradebook.xls 

Variable    Variable Definition

Midterm1 Student’s score on the first midterm (0-100 scale)

Midterm2 Student’s score on the second midterm (0-100 scale)

Diff.Mid The difference between the two midterm exam scores (midterm1 – midterm2) Extra credit   Did the student turn in the extra credit assignment? (0=NO, 1=YES) Final Student’s score on the final (0-100 scale)

Class    Student’s class (1=Freshman, 2=Sophomore, 3=Junior, 4=Senior)



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