Show a clear understanding of the concepts

Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the subject matter

Each question should have at least 3 sentences minimum

This is timed it is a total of 10 questions

1. Choose 2 to describe: Rebuilders, Neutral Parties, Allies, Colonialists.

2. Choose 3 of Entwistle’s models (Enemies, Spies, Rebuilders, Neutral Parties, Allies, Colonialists) and provide the critiques of these models.

3. Describe the 3 interpretations of the  imago Dei (structural, functional, and relational) according to Entwistle.

4. Found in the Johnson text, expound upon what is causing the Church’s crisis with psychology.

Describe the assumptions of the below worldviews according to Entwistle (pick 4).


a. Animism

b. Syncretism

c. Polytheism

d. Pantheism

e. Monotheism

f. Modernism

g. Postmodernism

6. Summarize the differences between naturalism and supernaturalism according to Entwistle.

7. According to Entwistle, describe naïve realists, antirealists, and critical realists.

8. According to Johnson, what is the difference between early and late modernism?

9. Found in Chapter 8 of the Entwistle text, expound upon the source material used in Theology and Psychology, Francis Bacon’s description of the two books, and describe how 3 out of the 6 models (i.e. Enemies, Spies, Colonialists, Rebuilders, Neutral Parties, Allies) views the two books.

10. Entwistle states (2015), “In evaluating any psychological theory, it is imperative that we examine the underlying assumptions—explicit and implicit—that shape the theory and the ideals toward which it directs us” (p. 199). Entwistle (2015) also discusses how “to understand the roots and supporting factors of any conflict, it is necessary to comprehend the worldviews of the adversaries, and to understand the history of the conflict” (p. 191).

Address the following:

       Why is it important to have a better understanding of another person/theory/model’s worldview?

•          Learning a little bit more about some of the theorists (Freud, Ellis, Maslow, Adams, etc.) worldview, does that change how you view their theories?




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