Public Health Crisis

Juul’s Public Health Crisis

I. The United States has taken drastic strides to decrease the use of tobacco products as well as make them less appealing to the younger generations. Despite America’s progress to eliminate smoking due to the numerous health concerns as well as other issues that are linked to it, Juul has seemed to have taken their tobacco product in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, the company Juul releasing its product has shown to be very desirable amongst young adults and teenagers. Anywhere from its “cool” look, to the promise of less tobacco and the multiple flavor options, Juuling has hit the market and become very alluring to take on the habit (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019).

II. Juul’s E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes, which also go by many other names (i.e. vapes, hookah pens, e-hookahs, etc.) “are battery-operated devices that people use to inhale an aerosol, which typically contains nicotine (though not always), flavorings, and other chemicals” (NIDA, 2020). Vaping has become one of the most mainstream habits across the nation, and that is with no exception to underage users.

A. Juul’s Crisis

The nation’s leading e-cigarette maker, Juul, has come under pressure over the last year for allegedly marketing to underaged kids. The group will examine and address how Juul ended up in the center stage of the public health crisis with the recent rise of vaping, particularly among youths.

B. Juul’s Leadership Handling

The group will examine and address how Juul’s executives and owners handled being in the public spotlight due to the ongoing health crisis and how their response was to assure the FDA and the public that their e-cigarettes is meant to help millions of adults to stop smoking (LaVito, 2018).

C. Communication plan and response

The group will also examine and address how Juul’s marketing team and executives changed its marketing strategy to a more somber and muted campaign that features testimonials from adult smokers discussing how Juul replaced traditional cigarettes.

D. Suggestions to improve

After explaining and analyzing all the evidence provided in this project the group will attempt to recommend suggestions that Juul’s company could use to improve their image with the public, saving their company from a possible financial downfall.

III. Approach for Developing the Group Project

The major approach for developing this project will be to conduct extensive online research and collecting information from journals, articles, and observation. We will use the information found to support our topic and come up with possible solutions and improvements for Juul. Group members will work together to create the introduction and the conclusion of the project.

IV. Individual Assignment to the Group Project

In order to address Juul’s public health crisis, how Juul’s leadership handled the crisis, how Juul implemented their communication plan and response to their recent crisis, and insert the groups suggestion that will help Juul improve their situation, group members have agreed to work on their assigned part of the project and assist by being responsible to submit their part of the project to the group.

A. Matthew’s Group Project Assignment

Matthew will be analyzing and addressing Juul’s manufacturing of e-cigarettes that according to the FDA have caused a public health crisis.

B. Raul’s Group Project Assignment

Raul is responsible for analyzing and addressing Juul’s backlash that they have been facing recently and the solutions that might best solve these issues.

C. Shine’s Group Project Assignment

Shine will be analyzing and addressing Juul’s communication plan, i.e. marketing strategies, and their response to curtail allegations that their product is the cause of an increase in teenage smokers which has now been considered a public health crisis.

D. Twanda’s Group Project Assignment

Twanda will focus on the project summary and begin recommending the suggestion on how Juul can improve their image and remove them from the spotlight of the crisis.

V. Research Methods for Group Project

Group members will analyze data from various scholarly articles and existing journals, news articles on web pages, including surveys, observations, and statistical tests (if necessary) for their method of research.

A. Findings

The research findings will be used to analyze and address the main points of the crisis that will allow recommendations and solutions for Juul’s current crisis.

B. Independent Research twanda malcolm

Team members will perform independent research on their own and submit their finding to the group if it will help the group.

C. Integration

Group members will utilize OneDrive through the Saint Leo accounts to integrate their findings to help the group with the group project, recommend solutions and conclusion.

VI. The proposed project plan will be successful due in part from the collective collaboration of Matthew Fuglesang, Raul Ramirez II, Shine Kim, and Twanda Malcolm, who as a group have also nominated Matthew Fuglesang to submit the group’s project plan.



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