Read one of the following papers.

What antiracist psychology does and does not do.pdf


Bringing Psychologists to the Fight Against Deep Poverty.pdf


Bias in the Air_A Nationwide Exploration of Teachers’ Implicit Racial Attitudes, Aggregate Bias, and Student Outcomes.pdf


The partisan mind_Is extreme political partisanship related to cognitive inflexibility.pdf


The psychological impact of COVID-19 on the mental health in the general population.pdf


Answer the following questions:

  1. APA citation for the paper you read.  (For help with APA citations, use this guideActions.)
  2. Why did you select this article?  What was most interesting to you about it?
  3. Summarize what you learned from this article.  (Do not summarize the article – just what you learned.)
  4. Why is this research important?
  5. Identify 2 or 3 constructs* from the article that are of the most interest to you.  (These constructs will be used in future assignments.)

*A construct is any abstract concept that can be measured, controlled, or manipulated.  For example, gender, social media use, genetic predisposition, privilege, color perception, self-efficacy, cognitive bias, and resilience are all constructs.  Essentially anything that can be developed into a variable is a construct.

All answers should be in your own words.  Do not use quotes.

Type your answers in list format and saved as a PDF.

Label your file as “Your name_Assignment 1”.



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