Promoting health literacy in the marketplace


Respond to the passage 250 words (agree with the passage)  / 1 reference only 4 years  APA Edition 7

   I would plan on the most effective and efficient way to teach and promote health literacy in the marketplace. I would do this by planning on the most effective way to get my information across to the businesses. I would take charge as a nurse and set up meetings with the different clients. I would also utilize different learning theories models, in order to better get the information across to the client. I understand that the same approach won’t work for every client, so I will have to leave areas in my plan for modification and adjustments. According to our textbook, ” the quality and affordability objective of the ACA is reflected in the marketplace design” (Mason et al., 2016), this, therefore, means that during my plan I will have to focus on the market place design and make sure that the small businesses health plans offer the 10 identified minimum or essential health benefits which include ambulatory patient services; emergency services; hospitalization; maternity, and newborn care; mental health and substance use disorder services; prescription drugs; rehabilitative and rehabilitative services and devices; lab services; preventive and wellness services; and pediatric services.



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