Policy Analysis

Read the Campaign and Election Security Policy: Overview and Recent Developments for Congress(file uploded below)On pages 23 to 27 you’ll find a list of policy issues and options.  Choose ONE policy issue that you are interested and analyze ONE policy option among the Selected Policy Options. Use the the diagram(picture uploaded below) below to guide your thinking, and answer each linkage question. Post your responses to the discussion board.

Follow this format:

1. State the policy issue and option you are considering and the page number. 

2. Very briefly explain why you think this is option and issue are important or relevant (up to 3 sentences). 

3. Briefly answer each linkage question with a one to two sentence statement, or list of bullet points. If you are choosing an option you might think about each question as “potential effects or impacts”.

4. Add any reflections, clarifications or unanswered questions. 



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