Pizza Nova Management Case Analysis

SubjectBusiness management Project
Paper type: Case Study
Academic level  Undergraduate/Bachelor Paper style:  APA
Year published:2021 Reviewed  4 time(s)


external environment (customers, partners, resources, equipment, products, technologies, personnel) to achieve its long-term objectives .The management of the XXI century must be interested in promoting the human factor of the company, allowing to unite the work group. This means knowing how to use knowledge, directing the behavior of the worker to carry out processes, aware of what the management of human beings implies for what they are and for what they represent the company. In this paper we will analyses the good and bad practices of management at Pizza Nova.


The administrative model that is going to be used in Pizza Nova is administration by objectives, taking into account that this model raises general objectives and breaks them down into specific objectives for each area of the company in order to define areas of responsibility and raise the expected results of each. For this, it relies on planning and administrative control as fundamental tools for its achievement. Management by objectives is a dynamic system that integrates the growth and development needs of the company with the manager’s need to contribute to it. Taking into account that this model defines where the business is and where it intends to go, and creates objectives that serve as guides to plan the operation of the organization, this administrative model is chosen as the managerial style for Pizza Nova (Bartol et al,2005).


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