Performance Management

Topic: Performance Management
Subject Area Custom Essay
Describe your task:
Required Wordcount 10 page(s)/2750 Words
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style APA Style
Details: In no fewer than 10 pages (not counting title section and reference list) complying with the academic standards for written assignment found in the course ‘Guidelines’ (compliance contributes 20% to the assignment grade), describe in detail (using your own perceptions and experience) how you would respond to the following scenario:
You have been asked, by the CEO, to develop a comprehensive performance appraisal program, including manager and supervisory training, for the company.
Consider the following elements –
• Describe the methodology you recommend be the basis of the program – such as a point quantitative analysis of identified criteria, working toward ‘proficiency’, or some other benchmarks for measuring performance,
• How many and what types of appraisals would be involved? – i.e., one for hourly employees, another for exempt, salaried and one for senior management, as an example,
• Develop the form(s) that would be used,
• Identify the processes to be used for ‘less than satisfactory performance’ – i.e., constructive discipline, a provisional time frame to show improvement, additional training and support, as examples.
• Pending approval, establish a timetable for implementation; and
• Included in that timetable, how you would proceed with training managers and supervisors.
Make sure to include labor trends and market analysis as the basis for the benchmarking. Provide samples of fictitious benchmarks based on real information. Please contact the instructor if you need assistance with this.
And include (perhaps as an Addendum) the process/procedures which will be used to measure manager & supervisory performance and effectiveness – possibly included in a management performance appraisal form (contact Instructor for information pertaining to Management by Objective (MBO) appraisals.

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