Outline for 7-10 Page Research Paper

Outline for 7-10 Page Research Paper 

The paper should review a topic highlighted in your Course Syllabus.The structure of the paper should include:

  1. An introductory paragraph describing the topic area and direction of your paper.(Disorder: Mood Disorders and Suicide )
  2. A review of the relevant theories and research findings related to your topic. This likely should be the focus of your paper.
  3. A brief summary of your paper, and some possible conclusions.
  4. A separate reference page of citations of materials (i.e. books, periodicals) you employed in your research.
  5. At least three of the aforementioned citations should be from professional journals.
  6. The paper should be type-written, although I am not requiring that you follow a particular literary or publication style (i.e., APA).

The paper will be based on a specific disorder: I chose  “Mood Disorders and Suicide.”



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