Operational and Financial Planning

The topic in brief Discussion: Operational and Financial Planning
Type of Service Course Work
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Every organization develops both a one year and five-year plan for strategic and financial planning. In addition, during the time period, operational planning for the year is developed. Departmental objectives are developed to assist the department in meeting quarterly and yearly goals as part of the strategic and operational plans.

For the week’s discussion, determine three departmental objectives for the department you work within.
Out of the three objectives, which one is the most important to department’s financial success?
How will you assist colleagues in meeting the objectives?
Discuss the similarities and differences among one’s departmental objectives versus your own.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Here are 3 unit goals:

1. Reduce total RN turnover Average for Med-Surg/Tele unit from 6.22% (12 month rolling 9/2019) to 5.72% by 12/31/2020 as measured by HR analytics.

2.Increase Med-Surg HCAHPS overall rating score on Med-Surg/Tele unit from baseline of 69.6% 37th percentile in 4Quarter 2019 – 3Q2020 o 66th percentile in Quarter 1 2020 – Quarter 3 2020 as measured by the Division HCAHPS report.

3. Increase percent of patients discharged within 2 hours of order on Med/Surg Tele from 57% in Quarter 3 2019 to Quarter 3 2020 as reported in Nursing Data Portal Nursing Insights Discharge Hours.

These are the 3 unit goals and I would choose #1 as the most important to department’s financial success.

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