Marjorie’s Challenges in Management

The topic in brief: Marjorie’s Challenges in Management

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Marjorie has been employed by Sacred Heart Hospital for approximately 19 years. She
has worked her way “through the ranks”, beginning as a nursing assistant, and now after
completing her MSN, has been hired as the Director of Nursing. There are a number of
critical issues that she would like to address immediately.
First, she is concerned that many of the nurses do not show her the respect and authority
that her new position demands. Second, she would like to implement a new evidencedbased nursing council, but several of the informal leaders within the nursing staff do not
see the need for research utilization and thus are hampering her efforts. Third, one of the
female nurses has been making suggestive remarks and telling inappropriate sexual jokes
to a male nurse. Lastly, the hospital CEO has asked her to create an evaluation system to
measure both patient satisfaction and nursing performance.
Describe how Marjorie should prioritize these management challenges, and develop a
comprehensive solution for each challenge. Be sure to incorporate management and
organizational theory, and base these solutions on professional practice standards, legal
and ethical statutes, and evidence-based practice.
List resources/books/media that you would use to support your inquiry and consultation
as well as state how and why you would use those references. Remember to use evidence
to support your answer to this question and write in prose rather than bullet points for
APA style.



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