Literature Review

Type of Service Literature Review
Project Title/Subject 1st Article Review
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style MLA Style
No. of Pages/Word count 3 page(s)/ Approx 825 Words
No. of Sources/References 3
English UK/US/AU? English US
Description Assignment Purpose & Overview:
This assignment is an opportunity for you to read an article to help you with your Case Study Child and/or to read an article you find interesting.

This is the first of 2 Article Review assignments. The articles listed on this page are for Article Review Assignment 1. I will provide new articles for Article Review Assignment 2.

I. Provide the title and source
Example: “Teaching Your Child About Feeling” from the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL).

I am not requiring APA citation, however, if this is a skill that you have or are working on, consider using citations. In our orientation module you will find instructions for citing sources.

I. Address the following questions
Question 1: Select 3-4 main ideas from the article that you want to remember?

Write a brief summary for each idea, include the page number/s where you found this information.

Question 2: Thoughts/Interpretations: As I read this information I wondered/thought/realized/was comfortable with…

This is your opportunity to provide the connections you made while reading this article. What did you think about, what memories surfaced, any connections you make to case study child etc…

For full credit you must provide a thoughtful reflection with personal examples that popped up as you read the article.

Question 3: Integration of Concepts: How would you use this information with children, families, in current or future classroom.

This question is focused on application. How might you use this information in your work with children and/or with your case study child.

Question 4: Rate the article- excellent, good or weak & give a justification for your assessment (a few sentences)

The purpose for this question is to build critical thinking skills when it comes to evaluating education resources.

II. Write-up
Miniumum 1/12 to maximum 3 pages
12 font, 2.0 line spacing, & Font choices: Arial, New Times Roman or Calibri- This will make it easier for me to read.
Articles (choose 1):
Executive Function Overview: This article provides excellent details on the three types of executive function, why they are critical to development and they can be negatively impacted along with how they work to support higher level thinking and how current research and knowledge around executive function might inform policy and programs. “How-Early-Experiences-Shape-the-Development-of-Executive-Function (1).pdf”

Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence: This Harvard Parenting Resource provides excellent ideas for building executive function skills in children. I strongly suggest that you skim it over whether of not you choose to choose it for this assignment. It is highly likely that you will come across and idea for your case study Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence pdf

Teaching Emotional Vocabulary: This PDF only article from the CSEFEL is aimed at teachers and provides information on the importance of helping children build this vocabulary along with examples of words, activities and children books to use in this work. Enhancing Emotional Vocabulary in Young Children

Teaching Social and Emotional Skills: This PDF only article from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) looks at the pyramid model and how we can teach the skills young children need. YouGotIt_Teaching-Social-Emotional-Skills.pdf

Teaching Your Child to Cooperate: This PDF only article from the CSEFEL website is aimed at parents, and supports them in building their child’s ability to cooperate with adults’ requests. teaching_cooperate.pdf

Recommended Practices: This short PDF only article from NCPMI looks at supporting infants and toddlers who have challenging behaviors. RecommendedPractices_supporting-infants-toddlers.pdf

Culturally Responsive Strategies: (Links to an external site.) This online and PDF article from NAEYC covers 5 culturally responsive strategies tied to the pyramid model that can help teachers support children with challenging behaviors. Culturally Responsive Strategies to Support Young Children with Challenging Behavior | NAEYC.pdf



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