Kindred essay

Type of Service Essay Without Calculations
Project Title/Subject Kindred essay
Academic Level
Citation Style MLA Style
No. of Pages/Word count 3 page(s)/ Approx 825 Words
No. of Sources/References 3
English UK/US/AU? English US
Description In Kindred, Octavia Butler tells the story of a black woman who becomes a slave. How were Dana’s experiences as well as the experiences of the other enslaved women in the novel influenced by gender? In other words, how were their experiences distinctive because they were women? For this essay, the key to doing well is not simply to list things, but rather to come up with a thesis statement analyzing the gendered experiences of enslaved women as presented in the novel.
To receive an A, you need a three-part thesis statement clearly stated in your introduction. Review the three-part thesis statement PowerPoint presentation for help: Thesis Statements.pdf

View a cartoon video I made (click!) about thesis statements in the Resources Module.

To receive any credit, you need MLA or Chicago-Style citations throughout your essay (not just one or two). Check the citation formatting handout for more info on how to use MLA and Chicago-Style citations. Proper Citation Formatting. pd form



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