Issues in Criminal Justice

Type of Service Essay Without Calculations
Project Title/Subject  Issues in Criminal Justice (2202)
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style APA Style
No. of Pages/Word count 8 page(s)/2200 Words
No. of Sources/References 4
English UK/US/AU? English US
Description From my professor. Alhaji, I just realize — you are misinterpreting the group project requirements. ( that is the group project phases 1-3). You are supposed to write your papers using the perspective/role you were assigned during week 2. I believe you were assigned the role of community corrections – but you are mistakenly using the perspective of a law enforcement organization. You seemed to be using the Baltimore PD as a model of sorts. You’ll want to modify your approach in the future since you will be required to represent community corrections when working with the group for the next phase of the project.
Group Project – Phase 4
For project 4, I’m assuming the role of a community correction, so please let this paper be a reference to community corrections.
Phase 4 – Group Collaboration and Presentation Each Group will submit a collective paper which will address:
• A summary of the problem assigned to the group
• A brief description of each criminal justice agency’s traditional role in dealing with this issue
• A description of how the group came together to identify a solution to the issue while maintaining their role as representative and advocate for their respective agencies
• A description of the solution to the assigned problem and each agency’s role in it.
The spokesperson will submit an 8 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) page paper reflecting the Group’s work and addressing each of the Phase 4 required elements. This description will be supported by 4 outside resources. Additionally, each member of the Group will submit a Peer Evaluation form, ranking the participation and cooperation of each member of the Group.


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