How Does Family Impact Teens with Depressive Disorder?

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How Does Family Impact Teens with Depressive Disorder?


Depression is a mood disorder that negatively affects people’s feelings, behavior, and the way they think. Many people at some points in their lives have experienced symptoms like loss of interest from performing daily activities, sadness due to relationship failures, and financial or family issues.

Moreover, depression is always associated with several causing factors. Besides, the youths and teens are still on the verge of getting the disorder out of many susceptibilities to the same. The family also plays a crucial role in contributing to the situation among the teens.

Problem Statement:

The relationship between teenagers and their parents is an essential bond in an adolescent’s life. Nowadays, in many families, this relationship is compromised since teens are in a stage of their lives where they start to seek independence and define themselves. According to Erik Erikson published in (Coon & Martini,2019, p. 467): “Adolescence can be a turbulent time as adolescent develops either identity or role confusion.” And: “Persons who fail to develop a sense of identity suffer from role confusion, and uncertainty about who they are and where they are going.” Family is vital in the lives of adolescents and impact particular behavior, social life; it also influences teens on many important outcomes such as moral, social values, and how they see the world. Adolescence is a period of life that adolescents need the support of their family to help them manage the challenges they will face. Depending on the nature of that relationship, depression can either have a negative or positive impact on how they cope.

Research Question:

Depression is a complex disease that needs serious solutions. How does family impact teens with depression, and how can it be recognized?


Family instabilities contribute to depression among teens.

Thesis Statement:

This research paper will discuss how family impact teens with depression, and the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms that can help have an early diagnosis to treat the patient on time and avoid complications.



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