Homeland Security.

Topic: For the SLPs in this course, your assignments will be based on unique scenarios, which have directly impacted Homeland Security.
Subject Area Coursework
Describe your task:
Required Wordcount 3 page(s)/825 Words
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style APA Style
Details: Earlier this morning at rush hour in New York City, terrorists remotely exploded several IEDs located in different stops in the subway system. As a result, at least 100 have been killed or injured—some severely. You are an employee with the Department of Homeland Security, and have been tasked to inform the public which specific federal agencies will be involved. For example, the DHS, FBI, in coordination with the NYC Mayor, and law enforcement.

In your public relations paper you will:

Briefly explain the roles of the relevant federal agencies in responding to such attacks and the capabilities each federal and state agency brings to the table when confronting a terrorist attack in the homeland. Remember to provide references and properly cite your quotations.



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