Health Administration courses

Students will have the opportunity to select from several cases.    The analysis of the case and your solutions should include what you have learned up to this point in our class as well as other Health Administration courses.  As you respond to each question you should focus on the organizational behavior, human resources, organizational psychology and leadership aspects within the healthcare space.  


  • A minimum of 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pitch, Times New Roman font
    • APA style – Title page (not included in the 3 pages)
    • APA style – Reference page (not included in the 3 pages)
  • The paper should include as a minimum:
    • Overview of the case
    • Answers the question posed by the case
    • Explanation of the tools and research literature utilized to analysis the case and why you select these tools to assist in your problem solving
    • Additional solutions and input beyond what was discussed above in answering the questions.


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