Government’s efforts to stem the spread of small arms in Syria

Government’s efforts to stem the spread of small arms in Syria

This poper is a college level assignment which was submitted as a coursework paper. It was on the topic of gun control which draws literature from different countries of the world.


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The conflict in Syria is complex and has persisted for years. A lot can be done to curb this issue however; the enabling variable has been the access of guns by the public. Statistics show that access to guns over the last decade has more than doubled. In 2007, only 735,000 guns were available to the masses. At 1,547,000, the numbers were considerably high in 2017 (Alpers & Wilson, 2019). Clearly, a big problem exists and solutions are needed. However, to come up with a solution, one must first identify the root of the problem.


The rising number of guns in Syria can be blamed on gun smuggling. The conflict in Syria has been growing over the years. As a result, members of the public started smuggling guns into the country from neighboring nations. At first, they smuggled in small-scale. As the conflict raged on and terror groups like ISIS expanded through the region, smuggling efforts were taken a notch higher. Simultaneously profits from the sale of these guns increased. Unfortunately, the number of weaponry available to the public is more than those available to the government. Statistics show that Syrian law enforcement possesses 124,000 guns and the military has 655,500 firearms (Alpers & Wilson, 2019). The spread of firearms in Syria threatens to morph a war that is likely to run for decades and probably wipe out an entire civilization. As such, measures should be taken to curb this issue with haste.


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