Finding A Valid, Reliable, Relevant Resource


Complete the Information Literacy Module located in Module 06 Lesson Content before attempting the Module 06 Discussion.

Initial Post:
  • Choose one of the research questions listed below.
  • Does telelmonitoring blood pressure in urban African Americans with hypertension improve blood pressure control within the six months of initiation of the medication?
  • How pregnant women newly diagnosed with diabetes (I) experience reporting their blood sugar levels to their healthcare providers?
  • How effective is acupuncture in improving mobility in elderly male stroke patients in comparison to standard stroke therapy?
  • Design a strategy for a review of the literature.
  • Describe the type of articles you want to locate to examine what is known and not known about this research topic
  • Search for the types of articles you identified relevant to the research question you chose.
  • Save the search history you created and attach to the initial post
  • Describe at least one strategy you learned during this query process including how this new knowledge will help you with future searches of the literature
  • Select one article from your query you believe is most relevant to the research question you selected.
  • Summarize why you believe this article is relevant to the PICO
  • Summarize why this research article is credible and attach the critical appraisal worksheet to this post

NUR3643 Quantitative Critical Appraisal Worksheet.docx

NUR3643 Qualitative Critical Appraisal Worksheet.docx

Responses (minimum of two):
  • Identify a search history you find interesting
  • Describe new knowledge gained from this search strategy and how this information will help you with future searches of the literature
  • Discuss one different approach you would recommend to improve the search strategy selected
  • Provide at least two responses to two different classmates





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