Film analysis

Topic Film analysis
Subject Area Custom Essay
Describe your task (TSE)
No.of pages/Wordcount 5 page(s)/1375 Words
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style MLA Style
Assignment Details Film Analysis:
-Please make use of all attached documents.

1. please select on movie from the “film list.doc” attachment … please notify me of the chosen film.

2. write an essay on MLA format, font size 10.

3. the film analysis is about a main character significant transformation… begining( sad,depressed,etc) , journey of transformation, end(independent,strong,etc)

4. Must include 5 terms from “film terms.doc” and describe the scene in relation to that.

5. use sample essay “model the ultimate woman…doc” for reference of the essay.

6. essay MUST meet the requirements of “film analysis outline worksheet.doc”

7. Essay Must have 7 components: 1-Intro of film, 2-intro to character, 3- personality traits scene, 4-6 scenes showing transformation (journey transformation,begin to end) , 7- conclusion. Please refer to “film analysis outline worksheet.doc” for more details- MANDATORY

8. Intro to the essay, requires a brief summary, thesis statement and has to include 2 critics’s comments (outside source: or any other site) please ensure to cite … use “film intro paragraph.jpg” attachment as an example.

9. Must include 5 direct quotes from film when quoting, please include specific time (HH:MM:SS) – (hour:minute:seconds)

10. Must make use of “Film Analysis Assignment Sheet.doc” or it would be a fail assignment.

11. Again, Essay must meet “film analysis outline worksheet.docx” requirements.

12. Must evaluate assignment for a superior grade with ” film grade sheet.doc”



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