Ethical code of conduct

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Subject Area Custom Essay
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Required Wordcount 10 page(s)/2750 Words
Academic Level Masters
Citation Style APA Style
Details: Create an ethical code of conduct for those in governance, management, and professional staff for any one of these health care organizations:
Acute-care hospital
Surgery Center
Behavioral Health Center
Specialty Hospital
Long-Term-Care Facility
Out-Patient Center
n a 10 to- 12 page paper (excluding title and reference pages), discuss the following:
Brief background of the facility.
Organization structure of the facility and duties/ responsibilities of those in management and professional staff.
Two possible ethical dilemmas that may be encountered.
Ethical standards for those in governance, management, and professional staff.
Ways to implement the ethical code of conduct and ensure compliance.
Consequences if there is a violation of the code of ethics.


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