Essay: The Greek city-state

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Description Assignment: Midterm Essay
Choose one of the below topics relating to the material from week 1 through week 8 to write your midterm essay on. This is a formal analysis essay, so be sure to introduce, support, and conclude your paper. The questions included are to serve as guides for your analysis, but please include other information that you believe is relevant to your chosen topic. Please use evidence from your texts to support your points and make sure to cite your sources. You should not do outside research for this essay, but utilize the material that we have read/used in the class.

Keep in mind: This is an analysis paper (Links to an external site.), not a summary.

At least a full 3 pages, at the most a full 5 pages
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This paper must be in your own words. If you use any sources you must cite your source, and the citation must be typed. You may use any citation format (Links to an external site.) that you are familiar with, as long as you make sure to properly cite your paper. This includes a works cited page at the end of your paper.

All papers are scanned for plagiarism. You will be able to see your own plagiarism score after you have uploaded the paper, and I recommend that you check it to see what is flagged.

Review the course syllabus for plagiarism consequences.

The Greek city-state: In this class we’ve looked at the different ways in which the Greek city-states functioned and what their role was. Discuss how the Greek city-states came to be, what the difference characteristics were which defined individual city-states, and how the city-states functioned not only with each other but also internally. Be sure to use specific references to support your claim.

Greek characteristics: We have discussed various characteristics that were idealized by the ancient Greek; including but not limited to the idea of aretè, the cult of the body, and the way in which the Greeks knew their past (archaiologia). Discuss some of these ideas or characteristics that were idealized by the Greeks and what their role was in Greek culture. Be sure to use specific references to support your claim.
Prophecy, fate, and free-will: Discuss the conclusions you have come to regarding the ancient Greek view of prophecy, fate, and free-will. How are these aspects portrayed, is a prophecy or fate avoidable, what does this say about fate or the idea of free-will? Be sure to use specific references to support your claim.
Art and architecture: We have traced the evolution of Greek art and architecture through the ages; including the Aegean period, the Classical period, and the Hellenistic period. Discuss this evolution as seen through the art and architecture, what has changed and what has stayed the same? What does this say about the Greek people of the time? Be sure to use specific references to support your claim.



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