Egypt Evidence Based Project

1. Country is Egypt

2. Review the grading rubric carefully prior to beginning to work, and frequently throughout the process.

3. Professional grammar, mechanics, and APA format and style are expected. Maintain a professional and academic tone.

4.  Create a proposal for an evidence-based practice project that fully conforms to APA guidelines and uses the following level one headings (in the order provided and without the page numbers or clarifying information below). Additional headings are not permissible. A title page is required. The provided page limits must be adhered to. The total paper will be  8 pages not counting the title page or references. Identify an interprofessional healthcare disparity related to that country and develop an EBP project proposal to improve that disparity in the identified country. Do not create a research project–use appropriate EBP terminology.

5. Per APA guidelines, repeat the title of the paper on the first line of the first page of the body of the paper, followed by the introduction. (1/2 page)

6. Overview of Country (1/2-1 page). This sections provides an overview of/introduction to the country

7. Description of Healthcare System (1/2-1 page). This section provides a detailed description of the type of healthcare system, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and pertinent additional information.

8. Identification of Healthcare Disparity (interprofessional) (1/2-1 page). This section identifies a healthcare disparity faced by this country. The disparity must be amenable to improvement through an evidence-based practice (EBP) project.

9. PICOT Question (1/2 page). This section states the PICOT question that will guide the evidence review for your EBP project. The PICOT must be in full PICOT format (the P before the I before the C, etc). State the PICOT in a single sentence and then provide operational definitions for each of the PICOT elements. Ensure the writing conforms to APA guidelines and flows well.

10. Evidence-Review (1-2 pages of at least 5 research studies). Provide a synthesis of the evidence review. This is not a study by study summary, but instead an integrative synthesis of the findings that seeks to answer the PICOT question. Provide the answer to the PICOT question in the final paragraph of this section.

11. Interprofessional Approach to Improve the Healthcare Disparity (1-2 pages). How will this EBP project focus on an interprofessional approach to improve the healthcare disparity to be improved? Be specific? Include at least three different healthcare disciplines that will be involved and state how the healthcare disparity benefits from each disciplines expertise.

12. Stakeholders & Overcoming Barriers (1 page). Who are the major stakeholders in this EBP project? How will their support be gained? What barriers must be overcome to make the project a reality?

13. Funding and Sustainability (1/2 page). What are the costs associated with this EBP project and how will funding be gained? How will sustainability for the project into the future be created?

14. Evaluation and Analysis Plan (1/2-1 page). What data must be collected to evaluate if this EBP project was effective in addressing the healthcare disparity identified? How will the data be analyzed once it is collected?

15. Lessons Learned (1 page). What is the most important thing learned about this country or the identified healthcare disparity in planning this EBP project? How will the information learned help someone become a more effective interprofessional team member, evidence-based practitioner, or global citizen in the future?

16. Conclusion (1/2 page). Provide a summary of the major points made in this paper. Do not introduce new information.

17. References (at least 10). Ensure references are in APA format


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