Discussion: Improving Community Health

The topic in brief Discussion: Improving Community Health
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It’s easy to discuss the way things “should be” regarding access to affordable, quality healthcare. But what actions can be taken to enact actual change? For this discussion, you will assume a role of leadership, power, and influence within your community. In this role, you have the ability to propose a program or service that can improve the health of your community.
Considering your role, respond to the following question:

Propose one measure that will improve the health of your community, addressing health disparities and socioeconomic factors.

Provide a brief summary detailing the need for this measure (this may include a little background on your community/demographics).

Briefly explain how you will enact and support the measure.

Summarize any push-back you expect to receive (and from whom).

Detail what is needed to approve or enact this measure (ex: city council approval, city budget approval, mayoral endorsement, state funding, grants, etc.)

Community: Inner City Low Socio-Economic



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