The topic in brief Discussion:
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Type of Service Essay Without any Calculations
No. of Pages/Word count 2 page(s)/276 to 550 Words
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style APA Style
Detailed Description/Explanation Unit 6 Discussion: Leadership and Collaboration (Due Wednesday by 11:59 pm CT)
Please complete the following steps for your discussion post and response.

Why is collaboration important among leadership within a healthcare organization? Prove examples.

Within your own workplace, what elements of collaborative leadership can you identify? What impact does this have within your organization?

Does your organizational culture support collaboration within its leadership environment? Why or why not?

Support your responses with scholarly evidence.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

I am a manager of a medical surgical unit at a teaching hospital and their is much collaboration among leaders.

I have great collaboration with my staff.

I embody all of the elements listed below you can elaborate.

7 Essential Elements of Collaboration
Mutual Trust and Respect.



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