Digital technology


2000 words (individual report)

Learning Objectives Assessed:

· Evaluate the implications of digital technology on buyer behaviour, marketing strategy and customer relationships.

· Assess various digital tools and technologies and identify the most appropriate tool(s) to support specific marketing objectives and strategies.

· Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and frameworks that inform the development of a digital strategy.

· Design and measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

· Demonstrate skill in the communication of digital marketing concepts and strategies.


· In this assignment, you are required to implement a range of digital marketing strategies for an SME of your choice.

· This option is a more traditional piece of business writing. The intended audience for this report is the SME management – assume that the reader has limited knowledge of current Digital Marketing trends. You are required to provide the SME with a detailed report outlining the Digital Marketing strategies you implemented for them during the semester, as well as suggesting how the SME can continue your strategy.

· NOTE: To make this project genuinely work-integrated (WIL), you are required to be in direct contact with the business you are doing this project for. You will need permission from the SME in the form of emails, communication, endorsements, contact details, feedback etc. which illustrates that they are willing to engage with you for digital marketing recommendations and implementations on their digital platforms.  Please provide evidence of permission in your report appendices. Marks are distributed based on strategic digital marketing implementations that you do for this business during the semester. 

· You need to make sure you choose an SME that is willingly allowing you to implement digital marketing strategies for them during the semester.  You will need access to some of their digital marketing platforms for you to be able to implement digital marketing solutions. Evidence of implementation will be assessed. Some companies may not allow you to implement all your strategies on their platforms and that is fine. In that case you can consider developing mock up implementations and detailed action plans for your company. 

· Additionally, you are required to obtain and reflect on feedback received from the business about your implementations as part of your assessment criteria. You should be able to evaluate the outcome of your implementation by keeping track of the changes made and how it has been influencing the digital marketing objectives and performances for the SME. You should approach the company to get feedback, endorsements, testimonials about your implementation and recommendations. This allows you to evaluate your performance and your efforts. Evidence and evaluation of your implementation is crucial towards getting a good mark for this assessment. You can provide evidence of endorsement and feedback from your SME in your report appendices.

· General recommendations for any generic company (which has not given you any permission to assist them) without any implementation will result in a fail for this assessment. 

· The word limit is 2000 words. Cover page, executive summary, table of content, author bios, reference list, and any appendices is not included in the word count. The contribution of each author must be recorded in author bios at the start of the report. Marks may be unequally distributed if there are substantial differences in contributions.

The report should: 

· Be professionally formatted, with an executive summary, table of content, author bios and reference list, and if required, tables (words within reason) and appendix;

· Briefly, describe the business and the market in which it operates;

· Provide a detailed description of the company’s current marketing strategies;

· Provide a critical analysis of current digital trends and activities in the micro environment;

· Describe key areas where digital marketing technology will impact the industry and company over the next two years;

· Make recommendations for changes to the company’s Digital Marketing approach;

· Provide evidences (best practices, theory etc) to support your recommendations, implementations and strategies etc. 

· Illustrate evidence of implementation; 

· Evaluate the outcome of the implementation; 

· Include a clear action plan (in a table format with a brief summary). 



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