Delivering Negative News

Using the case study provided by your professor, prepare a letter conveying bad news or following up on bad news


You are an employee of a software company. Your friend Joe Wong has opened a new Booster Juice franchise. To market his products, Joe has written to you, asking you to help him set up a Booster Juice bar in your company cafeteria. All the drinks would be free, but employees would have to fill out forms to evaluate each recipe. Although you love Booster Juice drinks, you think this is a bad idea for a variety of reasons: your company doesn’t have a cafeteria, you would be embarrassed, and you believe it may hurt your reputation to help a friend in such an obvious way.

Write a letter to Joe Wong, President, Booster Juice Inc., 8915 52st Avenue, Unit 205, Edmonton, AB T6E 5J3. In the letter, retain your good relationship with Joe Wong while explaining your reasons for refusing this request.




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