Cultural Anthropology In A Globalizing World

Short Paper 1 out of 4: There are four short papers required in this course all related to the same cultural group you will select in paper #1. Please follow the instructions in step 1 and 2 to complete paper #1. Step 1: Choose one cultural group from the list below and a title for your paper. You will continue to write about different aspects of this cultural group for the remaining papers in this course.

Topic to write on: the cultural and economic of Tiv West Africa)

Step 2: Your paper 1 must answer the following: a) Research the selected cultural group’s economic system, modes of livelihood and modes of reproduction using a minimum of one peer reviewed journal article (dated within the last 10 years) and information from the Miller textbook. b) Which population did you pick? c) What is the population size and where are they located? d) What is their economic system in terms of modes of livelihood (foraging, horticulture, pastoralism, agriculture or industrial), property ownership and modes of exchange? e) What are the modes of reproduction in terms of population growth, value of children and social aspects specific to your selected cultural group? f) How is the cultural group changing (or is being changed) through globalization when it comes to modes of livelihood and modes of reproduction? g) How can anthropologists work to help this population in the changing world?

Include citations from the Miller textbook and a minimum of one peer reviewed journal article with a date within the last 10 years. Remember to write in your own words by interpreting what you read and citing the source. Avoid long direct quotes. Avoid plagiarism by always citing your sources. Short paper format: All short papers should have a title, an introduction, a conclusion and a References Cited page. All papers in the course must be: • 2-4 pages • typed • doubled spaced • font size 12 • written with proper grammar and syntax • in American Sociological Association (ASA) citation and references style.



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