Cross Cultural Management

Using cases to support your argument,  critically evaluate whether or not cultural appropriation causes harm. 

In answering this question, you are expected to cover the debate on cultural appropriation, demonstrating insight into the arguments that debate what counts as cultural appropriation and what not. Clearly state whether or not cultural appropriation causes harm, why, how and under what conditions, and explain the reasoning for your judgement.

This individual essay assignment provides the opportunity to engage with one form of cultural encounter in substantial depth.

This is an academic essay and should demonstrate significant engagement with academic concepts and draw upon a  range of sources in order to support your answer to the question that you choose. The essay should adopt an academic tone and be professionally and clearly presented throughout.


You are permitted to use sources from the module reading list including the textbook and the weekly journal articles. However,  you need to also demonstrate research skills and the ability to substantiate an argument with evidence by engaging more widely with other academic sources. If you have any questions as to what counts as an academic source, please contact me. You are encouraged and permitted to draw upon non-academic sources for further evidence to support your argument such as from reputable newspaper and magazine articles. However, the emphasis for the essay should be on academic engagement.


The essay should be clearly structured with an introduction which will then be supported by clearly organised supporting paragraphs. You should include a conclusion which summarises your argument.


All references, academic and non-academic, must be appropriately referenced both within the text and in the reference list at the end of the essay. Please consult the library website for referencing guidance:




-The essay is exemplary in demonstrating intellectual depth, depth of understanding and critical analysis as evidenced by critical and conceptual engagement with the meaning and consequences of cultural appropriation

-The essay is coherent, carefully put together and perfectly organised

-The essay follows an arch in the argument resulting in a clearly defined position

-The essay relies on the outstanding use of resources to make its case

-The resources are credible and relevant

-Referencing is exemplary


B / C / D


In declining degree,

-the essay is very good, good, average in demonstrating intellectual depth, depth of understanding and critical analysis

-lacks coherence, care and organisation

-lacks a clear argument and the position on the issue is less well defined, or lacking

-the essay does not rely on resources in a clearly defined sense that demonstrates knowledge of their content

-the essay lacks in relevant and credible references and referencing ranges from very good to poor




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