This is a 6 page paper for which you will select a stress-related problem (Single Mom) and apply two coping strategies (Support Group & Hobbies and Outside Interest) The required outline follows for this paper. The format should be APA, 6 pages NOT including cover sheet and reference page.

These are your section headers please follow and include headings below:

Introduction: purpose of the paper.

Stress-Related Problem (Single Mom): describe its prevalence in the population and its impact.

Coping Strategies (Support Group & Hobbies and Interest): describe the 2 coping strategies and how they would be applied to the stress-related problem (Single Mom).

Strengths: discuss the strengths and benefits of each coping strategy.

Limitations: discuss the limitations of each coping strategy.

Conclusion: select 1 of the 2 coping strategies you discussed and explain why it is the best fit for the stress-related problem.

References: Include a total of 6 references that support your statements; at least 4 must be from peer-reviewed journal articles (years 2010-2022).





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