Conclusion, References and Formal Paper

The topic in brief Conclusion, References and Formal Paper
Describe Your task
Type of Service Capstone Projects
No. of Pages/Word count 5 page(s)/1375 Words
Academic Level
Citation Style APA Style
Detailed Description/Explanation Module 7: Conclusion, References and Formal Paper
This Conclusion section should be about 2-3 pages and content should be separated with APA first and second level headings.
Submit a formal paper describing the Capstone project
Your Formal Capstone Project submission must be professionally prepared and free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. The formatting protocol of the American Psychological Association is the approved format for Aspen University. For detailed guidance refer to the websites and resources referenced in the ProQuest Library.

The specific length of the formal document may vary somewhat depending upon the topic selected, the use of tables, matrices, graphs, or other visual supplements. The following sections should be included:
Title page
Introduction (Background, Significance, Justification)
Literature review
Method (as appropriate for your project— may include research design, procedures, evaluation methods, etc.)
Discussion of findings
Appendices as appropriate.
The Formal Capstone Project submission should be prepared using the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as appropriate), appropriately paginated using a twelve-point standard style font (Times New Roman) and written using current APA guidelines.



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