Civil War

Now that we’ve finished the Civil War unit, I want to take a second and be absolutely sure that we understand why we went to war with ourselves. This distinction is incredibly important, and should never be forgotten. So, with that in mind, please answer the following question in a short answer format (not esay):

Identify and describe FOUR events/moments that led to the Civil War. Be sure to include names, dates, locations, etc. whenever applicable, and to fully explain how each event/moment directly lead to the conflict.

There are many ways you can answer this question, so don’t worry, I’m not looking for four specific events. You could theoretically go all the way back to the 17th century with the very first slave ship that arrived here, if you wanted! Just choose four events/moments that you could argue led us to the Civil War. You should be able to answer this question pretty well based on the lectures– just be sure to use your own words in your explanations.

I recommend answering in the following format, just to keep things concise and nice and neat:

Event 1 (year): Explanation
Event 2 (year): Explanation
Event 3 (year): Explanation
Event 4 (year): Explanation




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