Christian Worldview: Origins

Topic Christian Worldview: Origins
Subject Area Custom Essay
Describe your task (TSE)
No.of pages/Wordcount 3 page(s)/Approx. 825 Words
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style APA Style
Assignment Details Use 750 to 1000 WORDS:

USE THE SUPPLIED TEMPLATE* Download it, save it as your own, and use it to write your essay. Keep the title and headings in place. It is already double-spaced for you. The second page of the Template shows how to start your References Page.

Use the Textbook, Overview, PowerPoints, Bible, etc. (This means you will need APA formatting for in-text citations & a References Page

Answer the following questions according to the Christian Worldview:

What are the characteristics of the Creator and creation? (250 – 300 words) 2 sources required
What does it mean to be created in God’s image? (How does this relate to human value, dignity, and flourishing? (250 – 300 words) 2 sources required
Is there a need to care for creation, and if so, how? (250 – 300 words) 2 sources required



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