Cash Flow

a. A building that originally cost $40,000, and which was three-fourths depreciated, was sold for $7,000.

b. The common stock of Byrd Corporation was purchased for $5,000 as a long-term investment.

c. Property was acquired by issuing a 13%, seven-year, $30,000 note payable to the seller. d. New equipment was purchased for $15,000 cash. e. On January 1, 2021, bonds were sold at their $25,000 face value. f. On January 19, Dux issued a 5% stock dividend (1,000 shares). The market price of the $10

par value common stock was $14 per share at that time. g. Cash dividends of $13,000 were paid to shareholders. h. On November 12, 500 shares of common stock were repurchased as treasury stock at a cost

of $8,000.




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