Business Ethics

Activity: Report

For this assignment, you are going to look at the importance of ethics in today’s organizations. You will choose an organization that been in the news for unethical practices and find 3 articles related to its practices. Support your assignment with at least five scholarly resources.

H & M Company (Hennes & Mauritz)

In regard to that company you will elaborate on the following:

1. Find at least three articles regarding this company’s unethical business practices and compare all three of them in terms of the unethical practices, who was involved, what, if anything, the company did in response to these accusations, how the articles are similar, and how the articles are different. Make sure to also analyze the validity and reliability of each article. (Name of the article and source).


1. The Report should be properly formatted

a. (Justify the text, Use Font: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and Line Spacing: 1.5)

2. References and in-text citation



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