As part of your final project, you need to select an international conflict you want to study and present to the entire class.  Some past conflicts chosen are: Rwanda; Rohingya/Burma; Sudan; Armenia/Turkey; Bosnian War; Uighurs/China.

The cornerstone of the International Conflict Project is research.  As you do research (learning about the conflict and selecting relevant sources) you will create an  annotated bibliography (Links to an external site.) .  In an annotated bibliography, you summarize the key information from a source, which may include quotes, you want to use in your final presentation, and the citation information for the source.

Relevant sources: In academia, scholarly sources tend to be the only sources accepted.  Scholarly sources refers to books and peer-reviewed journal articles.  The Loyola library has an excellent search engine to help you find books and journal articles.   You need 5+ scholarly sources for the annotated bibliography portion of the final project.

In Summary:

1) Select a conflict (not U.S.) to study and present to the class.

2) Create an annotated bibliography that includes each of the following for every source:


Brief description of the article’s main points and/or conclusions

Describe why this article is important

Key quotes (that you may want to use in your own work)

Use proper bibliographic citation formatting




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